IITB Timeline

Date Milestone
July 2009 Rob Buy, a patient of the Bristol Testicular Cancer Service (BTCS), approaches Germ Cell Specialist Nurse Sue Brand with a desire to give something back.Sue arranges for a new charity fund to be opened within Bristol hospitals charity Above & Beyond, to improve service and support for BTCS patients.Patient Steve Watkins makes an opening donation of £1000. Rob Buy deposits £5000 of funds raised during a car rally.The Buddies initiative is launched at BTCS, offering patients one-on-one support from someone who has been through similar treatment.
August 2009 During an initial meeting, BTCS patients identify the following uses for the fund: support activities, improved information, awareness-raising and a fundraising ball. They vote in favour of the name ‘It’s in the Bag’ – an inspired play on words by Sue Brand’s husband Bill.
November 2009 Graphic designer Andrew Styles creates IITB’s cheeky orange y-fronts logo.
January 2010 Testicular cancer patients, along with a couple of members of NHS staff, form a committee to clarify how IITB money should be spent.
February 2010 The Ball Talk patient support group holds its first meeting at Bristol’s Robin Hood pub.
June 2010 The first Testicular Ball is held at the Marriott Hotel, Bristol, raising over £8300. IITB’s original website is launched, providing patient information within the wider NHS site.
January 2011 The IITB steering group is formed from members of the previous staff-patient committee. They identify three aims:
1. Raising awareness
2. Raising money
3. Supporting and celebrating survival The pilot version of the Living Well course – designed by Penny Brohn in collaboration with BTCS – takes place at the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre.
July 2011 The second Testicular Ball, held at Bristol’s Thistle Grand Hotel, raises a total of £12,500. The Keep Calm and Check your Balls campaign is launched at the event. This includes a three-minute awareness video in the form of a War Room drama spoof, written by Sue Brand and directed by Ian Gall.
December 2011 JMS Sports introduce the Bath Charity Rugby shirt to benefit IITB and hospice charity Dorothy House. £2.06 from each shirt sold goes to IITB. IITB joins Cancer 52 – an alliance of 60 organisations working to improve outcomes for patients with rarer cancers.
February 2012 Somerset cricketer Steve Kirby becomes IITB’s first patron. IITB teams up with Bristol-based printers Out of Hand, who produce thousands of credit card-sized TC awareness cards for next to nothing.
April 2012 The first ‘Splosh for Dosh’ sponsored swim raises £7000.
June 2012 Jelf announce that they have chosen to support IITB as the charity project of their Next Generation programme. A year-long partnership begins in which Jelf raise over £15,000 for the charity fund.Sue Brand is awarded joint runner-up in the Welch Allyn Pioneers in Care awards for her work with IITB.
July 2012 IITB introduces It’s in the Banter – a new activity-based support group that supersedes Ball Talk. Patients take part in the first It’s in the Banter event, part-funded by MacMillan – a day trip to see some classic car races at Castle Combe.
August 2012 Travel grants are introduced to support patients living outside of Bristol who’re struggling to pay travel costs to Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre.
September 2012 The IITB Raising Awareness team bring their vital message to hundreds of students at the first of their annual visits to the UWE freshers’ fair.
October 2012 The third Testicular Ball takes place at the Thistle Grand Hotel, raising £10,508. Dedicated to the memory of Mike Collin, ‘fundraiser extraordinaire’, the evening focuses on celebrating the money-raising achievements of IITB’s supporters.
November 2012 IITB wins the Quality in Care Excellence in Oncology award in the ‘Cancer Charity Initiative of the Year’ category.
January 2013 IITB gains two more patrons: Paul Oz, painter of ‘explosive’ character portraits for the likes of Bradley Wiggins and F1, and Paul Hembery, Pirelli’s motorsport director.IITB launches the Patient Volunteers initiative.
March 2013 Bristol City defender Louis Carey comes on board as IITB’s fourth patron.
April 2013 The second Splosh for Dosh sponsored swimming event raises over £5500
May 2013 IITB hits Grillstock Bristol – the barbecue and music festival – for the first time, with an awareness stand featuring exclusive IITB Grillstock t-shirts.
June 2013 The first Wrecking Ball is held at the Tunnels in Bristol. This live music showcase – organised by local band Dogs and Demons – raises over £1500
July 2013 The Raising Awareness team take Melksham Carnival and Party in the Park by storm, handing out over 1500 awareness cards/leaflets and winning Best Carnival Walking Group of 2013! The parade features a preview of IITB’s slick new ‘Match Fit’ awareness posters.
October 2013 The fourth annual Testicular Ball raises an amazing £13,500 at the Thistle Grand Hotel. The evening focuses on our Superheroes who have worked tirelessly to bring our aims to life and raise some brilliant sums of money. Patrons Louis Carey, Paul Oz & Paul Hembery all participated in the night and brought along personal auction items.
November 2013 The first IITB Christmas Cards are released and sell in huge numbers. They feature a print of a one-off IITB painting of a Lego Santa dressed in our orange pants by Patron Paul Oz.
January 2014 It’s in the Bag exceeded 1000 likes on Facebook! To celebrate this milestone we randomly selected one of the users who liked us, and presented them with a Magnum of champagne, an exclusive onesie, and £20 to spend on It’s in the Bag merchandise.
February 2014 We introduce NUTS our mascot. Alex Howells came up with the concept and worked with Frenzy Creative to come up with our loveable mascot. NUTS has his first day out at the Memorial Stadium for Boob and Balls.
February 2014 New website is launched with a big bang! This new platform for IITB pushes the boundaries and introduces Pledge to Check. The website celebrates everything that IITB are good at, raising awareness in a cheeky but informative way. We now have an online SHOP!
March 2014 IITB attends St Katherine’s School, Pill to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer and to encourage TSE.
April 2014 Splosh for Dosh – Sync or Swim, One Date; Four Pools; One Trophy. This event brought a host of swimmers of all ages but mostly the Mad cyclists who cycled between all four pools, Trowbridge to Chepstow, Chepstow to Horfield, Horfield to Clevedon, Phew! Obviously they won the trophy.
May 2014 First Awareness Bristol 10K, promoting a sea of Orange and Pink.
May 2014 The Wrecking Ball 2 was another great success for Matt and Fay Richards. Compared again by Downsy, raffle drawn by NUTS and raised £2,300!
June 2014 In June we started the photo shoots for our first IITB calendar. This unique calendar aimed to promote the Match Fit campaign and also our supporters in the Forest of Dean. The Pantoramic View of the Forest Dean certainly raised awareness and eyebrows.
June 2014 NEW Match Fit Campaign images completed for 7 ball sports, to be rolled out over the next 3 years. Includes: Football, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Snooker, Tennis and Golf.
June 2014 Grillstock, 2nd appearance for IITB which bring fame and fortune, raised over £1,300 and Hayseed Dixie wears our pants!
July 2014 IITB attend Harbour Festival for the first time.
August 2014 IITB attend the Bristol Balloon Fiesta for the first time and celebrates with the Steven Gait 1,000 cycle ride for £1,000
September 2014 IITB hits its 5th Anniversary with the Testicular Ball. This year set in a marquee near Weston Super Mare we celebrated our anniversary in a big way. This even launched our Mini NUTS.
October 2014 Trowbridge continues its support for the late Chris Penelhum and stage their memorial football match, wearing the IITB KIT.
November 2014 IITB hold its second AGM and vote unanimously to break away from Above and Beyond and become an independent charity.
November 2014 Sue Brand launches UKONS Germ Cell Forum in Belfast at the UKON conference. IITB are integral to this Forum together with other UK charities and patient groups.
December 2014 Pole Essence Christmas Cracker Showcase staged by Sam and Graham Smith in aid of IITB and raises a staggering £2,225
December 2014 IITB launch You Tube Channel.
January 2015 IITB hit 2,000 likes on Facebook.
January 2015 Generic patient information packs issued to all the men diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in the South West and Tim Snary becomes the first patient volunteer in the testicular cancer clinic.
February 2015 Bristol Beer Factory makes IITB their Charity of the Year.
March 2015 IITB and Sue Brand attend the first UKONS Germ Cell Forum Conference, brining clinical and charity groups closer together.
April 2015 Website had a refresh, making it easier to use and gives our current events and social media a front page exposure.
Summer 2015 BURTS Crisps donate £5,000 to encourage men to Do It Right, there were lots of pants on the outside at Grillstock and we walked up Snowdon.
Autumn 2015 It’s in the Tash role model Daniel Williams raises a massive £1,000 by growing hair on his top lip, we had 17 volunteers from UWE to help us with Downend Fireworks and Ali Vowles from the BBC and Downsy from SAM FM became our patrons. We also had a BIG Hoedown!
Winter 2015 We celebrate the Rugby World Cup by having our Match Fit Campaign on the buses of the South West and Robbie Casper Newton completes his 10 x 10K challenge.
January 2016 We launch the 2nd calendar with VIP’s Exeter Chiefs, Grillstock, Downsy, Dogs and Demons and many more….
February 2016 First Survivorship Toolkit course, the IITB AGM and on World Cancer Day we said Pants to Cancer.
March 2016 Sue Brand of IITB won The Bristol Post Healthcare Professional of the Year and IITB won Health Campaign of the Year for its Match Fit Campaign.
April 2016 Launch of our two animated check your balls videos featuring Downsy from Sam FM. Le Tour de Balls our biggest event to date which was a fantastic success – Raising over £27k!!