Support for your awareness projects and campaigns


It’s in the Bag can supply you with all the materials you need to raise awareness within your group or organisation.

Raising awareness can be as simple or involved as you choose. So whether you just want to hand out some cards, or to build a lasting relationship to support your long-term awareness campaign, we want to hear from you!

The support on offer includes:

  • Ideas and advice from our experienced Awareness team
  • Tailored awareness pack including flyers and wallet-sized cards explaining how to check your balls
  • Posters and banners, including our witty sports-specific posters (cricket, cycling, football, golf, hockey, snooker and tennis)
  • Standard wording, logos and photos for your website/publications. Don’t forget to make our online resources available to your group members by linking from your website to this one (
  • Beer glasses for clubs with a bar
  • Raising awareness talk from a testicular cancer survivor at your meeting or event. (NB: As all our team members are volunteers working in their spare time, the availability of talks is dependent on your location and whether a convenient time-slot can be arranged). Please contact us for details at

Every organisation who works with us to raise awareness will be credited on this website.

If you’d like to help us raise awareness as an organisation, please email Don’t forget to include your phone number if you’d like a call back to discuss your needs.