Social Media

Use social media

Far from being just entertaining distractions, Twitter and Facebook can be powerful tools for good.

Any message you share on these sites can be shared by your contacts, the contacts of your contacts, and so on. This means in theory that your original message could reach anyone in the world with an Internet connection!

Chatting via social media is now a part of daily life for millions of us – so it’s time to get vocal on the social!


  • Share our Pledge to Check page on your timeline. When you pledge yourself, you’ll get this option automatically. You can also share the Pledge to Check page at any time by clicking on the ‘Share’ button on the page itself.
  • Suggest our page to your friends. From our Facebook page, select ‘Share’ from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side under our cover photo.
  • Use personal posts to promote us! Shout about your involvement with IITB on your timeline, and let your friends know your personal views on why ball checking is important.



  • Retweet us. Choose your favourite/most important IITB tweets and relay them to your followers. Not only does this get our messages to a larger audience, it puts us in the spotlight and can attract new followers too.
  • Start a conversation about testicular cancer, or how you’re involved in IITB, and include @itsinthebag to give us a mention. Using our recommended hashtags will get your tweets more exposure:

#Dogood (when you’re asking others to take action)


Raise awareness as a group or organisation

If you’re part of an organisation, club or group, you’ll be in a great position to spread the word on testicular cancer. If a high percentage of your group members are 15 to 49 year old guys (often the case with sports clubs and associations) then even better!

Whether you simply want to display posters and leaflets in your clubhouse/meeting place, or create a fully fledged awareness campaign, It’s in the Bag will get behind you one hundred per cent!

Read on to discover how we can support your awareness projects. (For specific information for businesses wishing to partner with us, please see our Businesses page.)