Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in 15 to 49 year old men. Yet for many young and middle-aged guys, it’s not even on the radar.

You can help us change that, by delivering the positive message about how treatable testicular cancer is – and how quick and simple it is to monitor yourself for the early signs. In doing so, you could be helping future patients to a smoother ride, or even saving their lives.

Here’s how you can help:

Raise awareness as an individual

1. Talk!

When it comes to the health of their private parts, men have traditionally found it hard to open up. But simply by talking openly, we can start to break down the fear, embarrassment and lack of awareness that stops men going to the doctor when they should.

That’s why we need you to talk about TC.

  • Wear your IITB-branded kit (e.g. wristband, pin badge or hoodie, available from our shop). These can be great talking points.
  • Carry our awareness cards in your wallet/handbag to hand out when the topic of testicles comes up!
  • Talk about your experiences. If you, a family member or friend has had testicular cancer, then talking about it can be a powerful way of bringing the message home.
  • Memorise a couple of essential TC facts. The most important is that over 95% of men with testicular cancer in the UK are cured. It’s also important to get across that testicular cancer is most common in young and middle-aged men, and that early diagnosis increases the chance of treatment success.