Your Business & It’s in the Bag

Looking for a charity partner for your business?
Choose It’s in the Bag for an engaging, motivating cause with real impact

“Everyone knows a man aged 15 to 50 (the typical age range between which testicular cancer strikes) – be it a son, grandson, father, brother, cousin, neighbour, nephew or friend – and so they have an immediate connection with what IITB is trying to achieve.”
Jon Baker, Head of Proposition Development at Jelf

Charity work and fundraising has a knack of bringing out the best in people, and there are many aspects of It’s in the Bag that make it an especially motivating cause for your employees to get behind.

As your business’s charity partner, It’s in the Bag offers many benefits:

  • A vibrant, fun approach to tackling a serious issue – From our quirky merchandise to the Testicular Ball, our emphasis is on smiles and celebrating the positives. It’s an attitude that your staff are sure to find infectious!
  • A cause that’s close to home – Local businesses get the satisfaction of knowing that their support is improving the life and health of testicular cancer patients in our South-West community.
  • Three clear underlying aims – Our aims are simple and transparent, making it easy to understand and back our cause.
  • Effective end-projects – All our initiatives are thought up and organised by testicular cancer patients themselves, meaning that what we provide is exactly what these men need. The support you lend to It’s in the Bag drives projects that have a real, positive impact on TC patients’ wellbeing.

A partnership with It’s in the Bag can tap into your employees’ enthusiasm and resourcefulness, as well as strengthening relationships as colleagues rally round a cause. These positive effects tend to spill over into wider business activities, producing tighter teams and a happier, more engaged workforce. Joining forces with It’s in the Bag is therefore not only a huge boon for the men we support, but can positively influence the success of your business too.

To discuss how your business can make It’s in the Bag its charity partner, please call us on 0117 342 3472, or email