Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to ways of raising money for It’s in the Bag, the possibilities are endless. We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you hit on your perfect fundraising plan – use them as they are, or as a springboard for your own events and actions!

Idea No. 1: Physical challenge

It’s a fundraising classic. Challenge your body to something difficult but do-able – something that needs a bit of training to make it happen. Get your friends and family to sponsor you for it. Then it’s just a case of putting the work in!

Completing a physical challenge is rewarding, and training for it can make you fitter, stronger and healthier. Want to gain energy, lose weight or get out into the great outdoors? Here’s your chance!

Remember to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise regime. We also highly recommend you get the advice of a qualified fitness or sports advisor.

Some options are:

  • Walking – An ideal way to get fit if you haven’t done any exercise for a while. Lead a walk to a historical site or place of interest, or enjoy the beauty of a National Trail, such as the South-West Coast Path.
  • Mountain trek – Literally a step up from the average walk, a mountain trek gives you a sense of achievement with stunning views. Head for Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons, the Lake District, the Trossachs or the Cairngorms.
  • Running – Distance races range from 5K all the way up to a 26.2-mile marathon. If you’re not ready for 5K, set your own shorter distance. If you’re ultra fit, experienced and want to take it to the next level, a multi-marathon challenge may be the answer!
  • Cycling – Bike your way to freedom, fitness and funds! At 24km the Bristol and Bath Railway Path is an ideal entry-level ride. Hardened cyclists wanting to go the distance could try the Moonriders 100km night cycle from London to Brighton, or the Three Cities Bike Ride from London to Brussels via Amsterdam (499km). For the ultimate British cycle ride, pedal all the way from Land’s End to John O’Groats (nearly 1,609 km).
  • Swimming – Swimming challenges can be as simple as completing a target number of laps or lengths at your local pool. Don’t forget IITB’s major swim fundraiser, ‘Splosh for Dosh’, which happens bi-annually. And at the extreme end of swimming challenges is crossing the English Channel – the ‘Everest’ of open water swimming!


Idea No. 2: Event

Dream up your ideal social event – then make it happen! Fundraising events mean great fun for a great cause, a win-win situation for all involved!

Aside from putting on your own event, don’t forget the legendary It’s in the Bag Testicular Ball. This fundraising feast and celebration of survival sells out year on year – so get your tickets early.

Ideas for events you could charge entry to:

  • Pub Quiz Night – A bit of healthy competition over a pint always goes down well. Why not include a ‘Men’s Health’ round with testicular cancer-related questions, to do some vital awareness-raising at the same time?
  • Film night – If you’ve got access to a projector or a reasonably large TV, you could even turn your own home into a cinema. Pull the curtains, crack out some movie classics and charge for entry. Sell movie-going snacks – think hot dogs, popcorn, nachos – to boost your fundraising total.
  • IITB themed dinner party – Fancy yourself as a chef? There’s lots of fun to be had with an It’s in the Bag dinner. Make testicles the topic on the table by serving up ball-shaped treats, and get in as much orange food as you can to honour the famous orange y-fronts! Cantaloupe melon balls, Moroccan meatball tagine and orange cake-pops are just a few possibilities.
  • Beer-tasting evening – Approach local breweries to see if they’ll donate some beers for the cause. Make placards to describe each beer, and serve up small tastes of each. Don’t forget to stock up on IITB beer glasses to sell at the event!
  • Sports event – Pick the sport you’re most passionate about, and organise a fundraising match or competition. There are all kinds of ways to raise cash at your sports event: selling tickets, sponsorship for players, a ‘guess the score’ contest with entry fee… If you can get celebrity players involved, even better.


Idea No. 3: Sell sell sell!

Got items worth selling? Or the crafty skills to make them? Raising money through sales can be as straightforward as selling IITB merchandise to colleagues on your lunchbreak. Sell your wares on stalls at fetes and fairs, or make selling the main event at your own special sale or auction.

  • Artwork auction – Perfect for painters, drawers and sculptors, or those with arty friends who’re willing to donate pieces. Ask local artists if they’d be willing to donate too.
  • Cake sale – Turn your hand to baked treats, from sponge cake to cookies, to tarts and trendy cupcakes (which can be works of art in themselves).
  • Ebay – De-clutter your life. Auction off what you don’t need to those who’ll make use of it, and raise funds at the same time.
  • Plant sale – This would suit green-fingered types who can take extra cuttings or pop in a few more seedlings while they’re gardening. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment by spreading a bit of eco-friendly greenery, as well as supporting men with testicular cancer.


Idea No. 4: Think outside the box

Fundraising action that’s kooky, colourful or downright bizarre is a great attention-grabber. So it’s time to let your imagination run riot! People will pay for entertainment with a twist, and they love to see grown adults make fools of themselves. Make them laugh, and they’ll be all the more willing to donate cash to your cause.

  • Sponsored head-shave/chest wax – Shaving your head is not only dramatic, but a powerful statement of solidarity with those who’ve lost their hair through chemo. And if you’re a guy of the old-school kind who’d never normally dream of hair removal, getting your chest waxed is sure to raise some smiles.
  • Sponsored bed push – How about getting a team together to push a hospital bed dressed as nurses (with guys in drag)? Or get several teams and make it a relay race.
  • 24-hour mankini – Bear your flesh, Borat-style, in a mankini for 24 hours. Not for the faint-hearted, this stunt is sure to get you sponsorship.
  • World-record fundraiser – With determination and a little imagination, world-record breaking is within your reach. Examples of records that have been used for fundraising are: the largest number of people running in sumo suits, the fastest marathon dressed as a vegetable and the largest ‘Agadoo’ dance. How about smashing the record for ‘Most People in a Single Pair of (orange) Y-Fronts’?

For more inspiration, please check out the profiles of our fundraising role models.

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