There’s an unbeatable, feel-good buzz that comes from achieving your goals and knowing at the same time you’ve made a difference. That’s what fundraising for It’s in the Bag is all about.

As a fundraiser, you’ll be making someone’s journey through testicular cancer more comfortable and supported, as well as funding our ‘check your balls’ message. This means empowering men with the information they need to get an earlier TC diagnosis, and potentially saving lives.

What better excuse to do something that’s fun, sociable, and involves the activities you’re passionate about?

Get creative, make a fool of yourself, or push the boundaries of what you think you can achieve – it’s up to you!

Let’s get started!

You’ll find everything you need to start your fundraising journey right here:

If you need any further help, advice or just someone to bounce your ideas off, the Fundraising team would love to hear from you!

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