Ali Vowles

Ali Vowles has been broadcasting for the BBC in the west for over 25 years and is a familiar voice and face on your radio and TV.  Over the years she has covered everything from murders and scandals to skating ducks and all those magic moments!  She has lived in Bath for almost 30 years and hails from Gloucestershire, where she grew up on a farm.

Ali says “I am delighted to be IITB’s first lady patron – what an honour!  Over the years I have interviewed so many men who said they were in denial about their health and wouldn’t talk about it – until they finally got ill and it was almost too late.  Without exception, it’s always the women in their lives who have made them realise that they can’t put their head in the sands – especially when it comes to something like testicular cancer.  So for the record, I am very happy to be the charity’s official nag on the subject!