Checking Cards - £1
£1 will pay for 100 awareness cards. Awareness is key to the early diagnosis of testicular cancer, which is 98% curable when detected early. The more awareness we raise, the more lives we save.

Patient Information Packs - £10
£10 will pay for a testicular cancer information pack. We help the Bristol Testicular Cancer Service to provide information for men when they are first diagnosed to help answer their questions and to reassure them they are in good hands.

Wristbands - £70
£70 will pay for 500 wristbands, so that’s 500 people who can spread awareness of who we are and what we do. Each wristband has our Pledge to Check hashtag too.

Banners and Hoardings - £100
£100 will buy us banners and hoardings for work places, sports stadiums and events. The aim of our advertising is to get men thinking about their balls and not being embarrassed about seeing a doctor if something is not right.

Travel Grants - £150
£150 could provide a travel Grant for a patient needing chemotherapy who is struggling with the cost of fuel and parking. The South West is widespread and some men have to come a long way for specialist treatment. This grant helps to take the pressure off during treatment and surveillance visits.

Funeral Grant - £1500
£1500 will allow us to help a family who have lost their loved one and are struggling with the cost of the funeral. Testicular Cancer is a disease of the young and as such most men may not have prepared for this outcome and cost. It’s in the Bag are here to help during this difficult time.