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The Big Hoedown

Well it started with a barn and ended with a band and lots of laughing and dancing.

This event was different to our normal testicular ball as the team needed to have a bit of time off. The Red Hillbillies played their socks off and were accompanied by NUTS who not only danced but also had a go on the bucking bronco! JG Hog Roasts produced a spectacular hog and the cupcakes were lovely.

There were the usual suspects, raffle, big lottery and photos. The big lottery was won by Glyn Thomas who generously gave £50 of his prize back. Tim Snary won the Bucking Bronco competition who at the time was dressed as Dolly Parton. We also had a couple of very special birthdays, namely Chrissie Powell a big supporter of IITB who was 30 and Bill Brand, stalwart of everything linked to IITB at the grand age of 60!

Lots of fun was had by all.

Event Details

  • Start: 19 September 2015
  • End: 19 September 2015

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