DBD Group Services

DBD Group Services is honoured to continue its support by providing security at this year’s event for the second consecutive year. Our enthusiasm for collaborating with It’s in the Bag, a charity that brings a positive and refreshing perspective to disease awareness, is boundless. Through this partnership, our joint goal is to broaden awareness, reaching an even more extensive and diverse audience. The potential of this alliance to amplify the message is truly promising.



Clear As Day Productions

We are lucky to have the support of local film makers Clear As Day Productions. We have worked with Dan and Liam for many years as they produced our animated Check Your Balls videos and Lottery Funded It’s in the Experience. The team have been integral to our YouTube presence and it is much appreciated.

Dan says:

“We are really pleased to work alongside It’s in the Bag helping to create entertaining content that raises awareness of testicular cancer. We hope that our combined work inspires men to check themselves more regularly, in turn saving lives.”

We are especially excited with our new video Who Checks Wins, take a look!

Clear as Day Productions

Sheppy’s Cider

Sheppy’s Cider are supporting The Test Fest

Marketing and Events Manager Matt Hill says:

We are extremely proud to be working with It’s in the Bag, a charity that highlights awareness for this disease, doing so with a refreshing and positive approach. We hope that our collaboration will highlight the awareness to an even wider demographic in the South West and beyond.




Graphic Mill

Dan Speich from the Graphic Mill was diagnosed with testicular cancer and approached us to see if there was any way in which he could help. As we always try to keep our costs down, we are particularly grateful for Dan’s support and his briliant design skills! 

Dan says: “The Graphic Mill supports It’s in the Bag as they wanted to support a local charity in a way that they felt could make a real difference. As a small local business the team wanted to support a charity with a similar ethos and a light hearted approach. It’s in the bag seemed the obvious choice as a member of the team had been diagnosed with TC in 2014 and received support from the charity throughout his treatment and recovery. The Graphic Mill provides It’s in the Bag with banners and portable displays for fundraising and awareness events as well as providing support with graphic production and design.”


Out of Hand Design

Sue Brand and Pete Styles met with Will Long from Out of Hand in February 2012 and since then the relationship has become a fruitful one. Not only do Out of Hand give us huge discount, they print our awareness cards almost for FREE and distribute our materials to universities that they supply in the South West. They also help us to keep our design and branding fresh and strong.

Recently, Out of Hand helped us to design our generic medical information leaflets for patients throughout the South West of England. Again, helping to keep our images strong and appealing for our age group, the leaflets are clear and informative. We have had feedback from men Plymouth and Exeter that the packs are so helpful.


VMR Publicity
Viv at VMR has supported us since 2011. She first printed our, KEEP CALM AND CHECK YOUR BALLS t-shirts and now supports us in a range of ways by keeping our images and messages strong and clear, and providing our merchandise to very tight timelines and in the most cost effective way. Viv is in the process of developing our new car stickers and is always looking for new ways to help us. She is also a strong supporter of our events and has been seen dancing at the Testicular Ball. Thank you, VMR.
My PC Surgery

Pete has supported It’s in the Bag from the very start, from being part of the Magnificent 7 to being the Chair of the Steering Group that paved the way to us becoming an independent charity. Pete now donates his time as our devices guru.

Pete says:

Having experienced testicular cancer first hand, I can remember quite vividly the feelings of isolation, depression and being plain scared out of my wits. What I really wanted was to be able to talk to, and share experiences with, others who had actually been through the same journey. Today, Its in the Bag provides this, and also a range of brilliant support services, and I am honoured to keep supporting such a worthwhile and valued charity.

Thank you Pete from all at IITB


Astra Security Ltd

Paul Beet, Managing Director for Astra Security said :-

“Supporting local charities is an important part of our ethos at Astra Security.

We all know someone who has been impacted by cancer, whether that be friends, family or work colleagues, and how it can turn your life upside down.  This charity does amazing work across the South West.  What’s unique about them is that they always manage to get a serious message across in a fun way, and that’s very special.

We’re delighted to have supported the charity since it was first launched, and we wish them ongoing success for their future initiatives.”


Join the  family

A quality brand of men’s boxer shorts raising men’s cancer awareness & supporting men’s cancer charities

We are really chuffed to be working alongside It’s in the Bag to help promote men’s health awareness and raise funds in support of this charity. Through collaboration and partnership we will get the message across and save lives.

Our super comfy, high quality boxers are for every occasion, and they make just the best gift for the man in your life. Husband, Partner, Son, Dad, Brother, Uncle or Best mate.

Our mission is simple… for all of us guys to own a pair of buying a pair shows you know style, you know a good brand, you look after yourself.

By buying a pair of these boxer shorts you are helping to raise money and awareness of men’s health.
Come and join the 1,000’s of other ‘bolloxians’ wearing the  brand.

Support the brand – support the cause.

Go to http://4e-products-ltd.myshopify.com/?aff=18 for yours

Big Yellow Self Storage Company

It’s in the Bag have two store rooms, one for all our equipment and one for our merchandise. These store rooms are at Big Yellow Self-Storage Company in Bristol Ashton Gate. Lee and his team give us huge discounts and sometimes weeks entirely FREE!

Big Yellow is the UK’s favourite self-storage company and provide a range of secure storage rooms for homes and businesses which can be accessed seven days a week. Big Yellow have provided us with free storage space, allowing us a safe working environment to collect, store and sort through all our merchandise, awareness materials and event equipment.

Thank you Big Yellow.



Mike Morgan Agencies
Mike‘Moggy’Morgan has been with us from day one and one of the original Magnificent 7! Mike Morgan Agencies is a supplier of sport and leisure wear to retail/online distributors throughout the South West/Wales. He started by getting us involved with JMS Rugby who supplied rugby shirts in aid of It’s in the Bag and Dorothy House. He has completed fundraising events, organised football collections, supplied us with rugby head guards and our mini rugby balls. He is in the process of supporting our sponsorship of North Devon Hockey Team with home and away shirts.
Thank you, Moggy, you are a star!