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The Wrecking Ball 3

The Wrecking Ball 3 raised an amazing £1,838.75!

We will be sending cheques out to two excellent charities this year:

It’s in the Bag have been The Wrecking Balls’ named charity for the past three years, a charity very dear to them, due to the support we gave Malcolm and others.

It’s in the Bag will be receiving a cheque this year to the value of £1,328.25.

The Wrecking Ball crew will also be sending £300.00 to the Headway Trust this year in honour of the hosts.

For the past three years the Chilcott family have kindly donated their amazing venue, The Tunnels, completely free of charge to enable the event to make as much money as possible for It’s In The Bag.

During this time Matt & Faye have been in regular contact with Gareth, and learned that his lovely wife Ann was extremely poorly. Sadly, this year Ann lost her brave battle for survival and passed away approximately 7 weeks ago.

The Headway Trust have been a massive support to Ann, Gareth and the family during her illness and on that basis a donation in honour of this amazing family and the unsung hero’s of the Headway Trust!

Thank you Matt and Faye, and all The Wrecking Ball crew, for all your support over the three years. You are indeed role models for the work of It’s in the Bag.

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