Ian Downs
Ian Downs is a TV, radio and live events presenter and has worked for JACK FM, Star Radio, The Breeze, Red Dragon FM, Pirate FM, Sam FM and most recently Hits and Greatest Hits Radio across Bristol, The South West and South Wales. ‘Downsy’ as he is best known, is also the match day presenter for both Bristol City Football Club and Bristol Bears rugby. He also presents the Behind The Headlines podcast for Bristol 24/7 and is the face of their Instagram updates. “Once I’d seen the work that the charity does and the difference it makes, I knew I had to become involved.”
Ali Vowles
Ali Vowles has been broadcasting for the BBC in the west for over 25 years and is a familiar voice and face on your radio and TV. Over the years she has covered everything from murders and scandals to skating ducks and all those magic moments! Ali says “I am delighted to be IITB’s first lady patron – what an honour! Over the years I have interviewed so many men who said they were in denial about their health and wouldn’t talk about it – until they finally got ill and it was almost too late. Without exception, it’s the women in their lives who have made them realise that they can’t put their head in the sands. So for the record, I am very happy to be the charity’s official nag on the subject!”
Jon Dixon
Hey, I’m Jon, an illustrator known as Dixon Does Doodles. I’m a doodler of dinosaurs, monsters, zombies and everything in between. I came to know about It’s in the Bag while having treatment for testicular cancer so they are a charity very close to my heart/pants! While in the waiting room awaiting results, I really didn’t want to talk to anyone but an IITB volunteer was sitting close by and he started chatting about something in the paper and the wait for my name to be called out was a lot less painful and way more enjoyable. A great charity, raising awareness, helping people through it and being bloody lovely about it.
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Nutty Noah
It’s in the Bag is so excited to announce new Patron Nutty Noah who is a family and children’s entertainer, and singer-songwriter, based in Somerset, England. In 2011, Nutty Noah was banned from appearing on Britain’s Got Talent because his juggling balls were too big, exactly the type of guy It’s in the Bag welcomes to the team! In February 2018, Nutty Noah won UK Family Entertainer of the Year. Noah says: ‘My life is complete, working as an entertainer known locally as Nutty Noah, this is the perfect marriage! If I can raise awareness to help one person then it would be well worth it, thank you for having me’.
Claire Freedman
Claire Freedman has been writing picture books for children for over 20 years and has over 100 children’s books published. She is probably best known for the award winning Aliens Love Underpants series of books. Claire enjoys visiting and has a passion for encouraging children to fall in love with books and reading. She lives with her husband in Essex. ‘I first became involved with It’s in the Bag when asked to sign and send some of my books to distribute to small children whose fathers were going through Testicular Cancer. I thought it was a lovely idea for the children, and I hope to be able to raise some more awareness of Testicular Cancer and the important work that It’s in the Bag do. I’m honoured to be a patron.’
Af Marseh
Hi, I’m Af Marseh and the author of Tumorous Hesticles: Just Say Cancer. I’m delighted to join the IITB team and be a patron. I am a testicular cancer survivor who was diagnosed in 2016, whilst working in Brazil. I am based in Weymouth, Dorset and love the work that IITB do locally to support other men and their families going through the most traumatic time. Away from Testicular Cancer, I love sports and adventure. My football team is Southampton, and I’ve worked in boxing for 15 years. I’ve run a few marathons, climbed the 3 peaks challenge and cycled London to Paris. If you love challenges too, then let’s talk!

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