Where the money goes



will buy us 100 Self Checking Cards



will buy us a Testicular Cancer Information Pack



will buy us 3 Awareness T-Shirts



will pay for A Travel Grant to help Support men and their families



will pay for an It’s in the Banter event – A Support Event for men and their families



will buy us an Awareness Stand at UWE Fresher’s Fair



will pay for training and development



will pay for a Living Well with the Impact of Testicular Cancer Course



will buy us an Awareness Stand for 4 days at Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

All of the money you raise and donate to IITB goes towards achieving:

  1. Support
  2. Awareness
  3. Survival

These three aims, and the initiatives that go with them, have all been thought up by testicular cancer survivors. The result is effective support projects, designed and run by those best placed to understand what’s needed.

“Almost everyone on the It’s in the Bag team is a cancer survivor and has a story to tell. This is a major strength of the organisation, and gives it an empathetic approach.”
Jason Edgar, testicular cancer survivor

It’s in the Bag is run entirely by volunteers, who work from hospital premises and other free spaces. This means minimal running costs, allowing your money to be spent directly on the men we support.

Here’s how your funds are making a huge, positive difference:

Supporting and Celebrating Survival

Few UK male cancer charities focus specifically on testicular cancer, and those that do tend to concentrate on raising awareness. While awareness is a vital part of our work, we go beyond this to provide hands-on support for TC patients. UK hospital treatment is now really effective at dealing with the physical cancer, but men often need extra help to tackle its emotional and practical impact – and that’s exactly what we give them.

It’s in the Bag is the only testicular cancer-specific organisation that provides tailored, face-to-face support and activities for patients in the South-West, as well as raising awareness.

Thanks to your generosity, we provide:

  • Two websites (this one, and www.uhbristol.nhs.uk/btcs) which offer vital information for TC patients at every stage of their treatment
  • Travel grants for patients who live far from the Bristol treatment centre and stuggle with transport costs
  • Living Well Beyond Testicular Cancer, a free Penny Brohn course which teaches patients how to look after their bodies, minds and emotions
  • The It’s in the Banter initiative, which brings patients together to take part in sports, trips or taster sessions. Part-funded by Macmillan, these socials encourage banter and laughs, raising morale and helping bring about a more positive outlook.

“Going to an It’s in the Bag support meeting was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was great to talk about our hopes and fears, discuss our own stories and find that my thoughts during my cancer were actually ‘normal’”.
Paul Towner, Supporting and Celebrating Survival team member

Raising Awareness

With your money, we can equip men with the knowledge they need to pick up on testicular cancer’s early signs. This is essential in a culture where men have tended to be less open and proactive about their health than women, and male-specific cancers still get much less publicity than the likes of breast cancer.

Because early TC diagnosis increases the chance of successful treatment, knowing how to check your balls, and the importance of going straight to the doctor with any concerns, could be life-saving.

We raise awareness through:

  • Effective awareness materials – they’re straight-talking and use wit, humour and innovative design to grab men’s attention
  • Awareness stalls at South-West festivals and events, such as Grillstock and university freshers’ fairs
  • Building relationships with male-friendly groups (e.g. sports associations and clubs) to help them create awareness campaigns


Your money allows us to invest in events that draw in even bigger sums. Fundraisers such as our much-loved Testicular Ball do much more than simply make money – they’re also celebrations of survival, bringing TC patients, family and friends together for good times!

Your contributions allow us to:

  • Put on our annual fundraising ball (which raised £10,508 in 2012 and gets bigger and better each year)
  • Produce a fun and vibrant range of merchandise, which raises awareness as well as generating cash
  • Support individual fundraisers with a fundraising pack, materials and advice