New diagnosis information packs

It’s in the Bag have worked with the Bristol Testicular Cancer Service to provide information packs for all men in the South West of England diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.

Each pack has leaflets about the operation, what to expect, how the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) works, contact details of the Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Truro and Gloucester teams.

Germ Cell Nurses can arrange packs.

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It's in the experience:
The Wait Video

This video focuses on the wait from operation to results and formal diagnosis and what will happen next. Some found this period of uncertainty intolerable and for those who had not had information given to them, it was even harder.

The wait from operation to results is expected to be around 4 weeks, which when you are worried feels like a long time.
The emotional side can be the hardest to cope with and some described it as being ‘the unknown’.

The wait for diagnosis and plan of treatment remains one of the hardest issues for men and their families to deal with. This is why It’s in the Bag supplies all men diagnosed in the South West of England with an information pack.

Qualify for a travel grant

Testicular cancer (germ cell) is classed as a rare cancer and is treated at a specialist centre. There are only 13 specialist centres in the UK, Bristol being one of them, which means that men often have to travel quite a distance to receive treatment and attend appointments and investigations.

Grant application forms are available in the following hospitals: Bristol; Cheltenham; Exeter; Plymouth and Truro. There are other grants available to patients with more complex issues.

Please ask your medical team for details.

Chemo support packs

We provide those who are having Chemotherapy a Support Pack full of lots of goodies to help during that difficult time. It includes some It’s in the Bag treats and some things that our team have been told are useful during the sessions.

Get yours today! Ask your nurse or cancer support worker for details.

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Support Line

Have you been diagnosed with Testicular Cancer (Germ Cell) and fancy a chat? Our Support Facilitators are here to help.

Call: 0117 325 9686, press option one.

All our trained team have had a diagnosis of Testicular Cancer and can offer you some support. Sometimes it helps to speak to someone who has had the same and understands the issues you may have.

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University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS

Our medical-focused sister website is your first port of call for everything you need to know about your treatment. The site explains the diagnosis journey, including the scans and tests used to detect and measure testicular cancer. There’s also information to help you understand what’s happening once treatment actually starts.You can find out what it’s really like to go through ultrasound, chemo and follow-up by reading the stories of patients who’ve gone before you. There’s also a section on the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) of specialists who’ll be assessing your case and deciding on the best course of action.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan is another trustworthy source of information. Like Cancer Research, their website has a testicular cancer section, covering similar ground. There’s also a special section on teratoma that’s written specifically for teens and young adults. Macmillan specialise in getting the facts across in a way that’s clear and to the point.Main testicular cancer section Testicular cancer for teens/young adults We do not have our own online forum, but some of our team have used the Macmillan one. If you would like to use it too, click the link: Macmillan Cancer Support

Cancer Research UK

As a world leader in cancer research, Cancer Research UK is an information source you can rely on. One whole section of their website is devoted to testicular cancer. Not only does it explain symptoms, causes, tests and treatments, it also gives you very sound advice on how to cope with cancer.

Testicular Cancer Network

The testicular cancer network is a consortium of small charities that have come together to share best practices and medical information; offering a common voice to our common goal – to save lives through early detection and to improve the lives of those affected by testicular cancer.

National Germ Cell Group

National Germ Cell Group (NGCG) is the association of the specialist clinicians, nurses and supporting professionals who treat patients with germ cell cancer in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.Germ Cell Cancer is rare and arises mainly in the testicle, but can present in the mediastinum, retroperitoneum and rarely in women in the ovary.

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