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Men In Pants and how to become a Testicle Defender

It’s April and Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, so what should we do? Dance about it!

It’s as easy as 1 2 3

  • Dance – Do the Men In Pants dance, video it, post it and tag us in.

  • Donate £3 – TEXT – PANTS to 70460 (or PANTSNOINFO to opt out) or donate here

  • Nominate – three people who might like a dance in their pants

You are now an official Testicle Defender!

You can use any medium to video your dance, share it on our social media platforms, FACEBOOK; TWITTER; INSTAGRAM but don’t forget to tag us in and we will add to our stories and posts.

Learn the dance

Here is the song

Song courtesy of Pattern Pusher

Don’t forget to tag us! #MenInPants #TesticleDefender #ItsInTheBag


Behind each graphic is a link to a PDF which will look great when printed.

All designed to work on A4



Event Details

  • Start: 01 April 2021
  • End: 30 April 2021